If you are here because you want to get healthy, and stay healthy for as long as humanly possible, then you’ve come to the right place.

The Post-Modern Diet Community is a bunch of people like you and me. We all share some common values and goals about health, diet and fitness.

Let the journey begin!

This website is home to the community. It is where you get access to help and learning resources. It is where members tell their stories, ask questions, share what worked and deconstruct what didn’t.

There are three pillars to attaining your physical and mental health goals: high-quality coaching, high-value education and a supportive community.

~ Stephen B

You’ll hear us talking about the importance of having a good coach and getting the science right, but community is at the very core of our ability to stay the course or get back on course when life gets in the way. It is people that motivate you to take ownership of your health and can hold you accountable.

We invite you to join the Post-Modern Diet Community and become part of our shared vision for better health.

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