The Post-Modern Lifestyle Project (herein “PMLP”) is a research and educational organisation operated by Stephen M Brown in the Province of Ontario, Canada.

PMLP serves its Community Members by providing websites, forums, chat rooms, health and nutritional tracking tools, and other community services (herein the “Platform”) and produces or sponsors the production of publications, seminars, audio recordings and video recordings  (herein the “Content”) available to its Members and to the general public.


The entire Content of the PMLP Platform, including text, graphics, photographs videos and learning materials, is Copyright © 2001-2020 by Stephen M Brown and PMLP.


Contributed Content

In accordance with our  Submission Guidelines, copyright of contributed Content remains with the author/contributor.

Republication or Syndication

Permission to republish, syndicate or otherwise copy any of the copyrighted material requires express written permission of the copyright holders.

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