Community Guidelines


The Post-Modern Lifestyle Project (PMLP) strives to build and maintain a community where everyone feels welcome, safe, and respected.

The “Community Guidelines” aim to set standards of excellence and community expectations for the behavioural of our Staff, Members and Guests.


Anyone who attends, participates, organises or in any way interacts with PMLP in any event or communication channel or venue, is subject to the terms of these Community Guidelines.

All physical or virtual spaces or channels, including BBS forums, groups or comments on posts, whether public or private message, online or offline (herein, collectively referred to the “Platform”), are subject to the terms of these Community Guidelines.

Private communication between Coaches and Clients are not subject to the Community Standards, as these relationships are subject to a Coaching Code of Ethics.

The Community Guidelines

  • Be respectful of the viewpoints and experiences, even if they don’t agree with our own.
  • What happens on the Platform, stays on the Platform. Respect the privacy of our fellow Members by not discussing their situations outside of the venue where the initial discussion took place.
  • Do not give advice of a medical, legal or other professional nature, regardless of your qualifications.
  • Do not harass, intimidate, guilt, shame or bully anyone for any reason.
  • Support and encouragement is the preferred way of motivating others to achieve their personal goals.
  • Endeavour to accept constructive criticism gracefully and not treat it as a personal attack.
  • The PMLP Platform exists to serve its Members and cannot exist without them. Do not ask other members to take the conversation to another social or messaging platforms such as email, SMS, Facebook, or Instagram.
  • Do not post content of a sexual, pornographic or violent nature.
  • Do not spam or engage in spam-like activities such as:
    1. cross-posting identical or near-identical messages in multiple forums, channels or venues,
    2. posting off-topic messages in any forum, channel or venue,
    3. promoting, advertising or attempting to sell products or services, or
    4. attempting to persuade others to follow your beliefs, philosophy or religion.
  • Be guided by what is best for the overall Community.


Anyone who violates of the Community Guidelines may find themselves subject one or more of the following sanctions:

  • receipt of a verbal or written reprimand
  • removal of content that is the subject of a violation
  • being temporarily or permanently barred from PMLP activities, events, spaces or channels
  • having membership privileges cancelled


If you feel that any content, the actions of a Guest, Member or Staff  are in violation of any of the Community Guidelines, you are invited to contact Member Support for a full review.

Sanctioning is at the sole discretion of PMLP administrators. We will attempt to resolve any conflicts in the spirit of the Community Guidelines (as opposed to the “letter of the law”) and in the interests of the Community at large.


We welcome recommendations for improving these Community Guidelines. Please forward all suggestions to Member Support.