What People are Saying

Steve really knows his molecules and his metabolic pathways. Helping us understanding how foods are processed by our bodies provides a way to know why some diets work and some don't. I like his practical suggestions for creating our own eating plans using natural (he calls them whole foods) rather than processed products. No pills, potions or solution from another age or planet. He is a walking testimony to the research findings that he is so willing to share.

Good work.

Peter Higgins Business Coach

Thanks so much for an excellent presentation, Stephen! I also want to thank Kathyrn, Kathy, and Peter for the compelling discussion. This subject matter is virtually an inexhaustible source of interesting conversation to me. I'm grateful for all the knowledge in the room!

Karen Teacher

Thank you for gems of advice to Stephen and it was good to see people with similar interests.

Marzena Career Coach

Well done Stephen. Your extensive knowledge and research was presented so clearly. For me it explained the complex process of how our body distributes our food; carbs, fats, protein and water, now and for the future. A great foundation, and the informal discussion within the group was insightful. I look forward to the journey.