Seminar: The Secret Life of Carbohydrates

Seminar: The Secret Life of Carbohydrates

What’s the difference between a “sugar” and a “carbohydrate”? Are all carbs alike?

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This talk is not just about simple carbs versus complex carbs, although we will cut through all the hype around that.

There is one particularly nasty carb, though, that is behind the biggest health crisis in modern history. Anyone care to take a stab at what that is?

By the end of this talk, you’ll be able to make some good choices in your own diet and hold your own in any good-carb-bad-carb debate.


Stephen M Brown

Stephen B is a coach, author, public speaker and creator of the Post-Modern Diet.
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Wednesday, March 18, 2015
7:00 PM til 9:00 PM


  • 7:00 ~ 7:30 – Meet & greet
  • 7:30 ~ 8:30 – Presentation
  • 8:30 ~ 9:00 – Q&A


CA$5.00 per person, at the door



Green Beanery, The Vault

565 Bloor St West, Toronto, ON, M5S 1Y6

SW corner of Bathurst & Bloor (2 minute walk from Bathurst Station)

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Event held in The Vault

Easy to spot. Just look for the bank vault door on the back wall, which is adorned by coffee beans bigger than footballs!

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