Seminar: Good fats, bad fats… Who knew???

Seminar: Good fats, bad fats… Who knew???

What’s the difference between “saturated”, “polyunsaturated” and “trans” fats? Is olive oil good for you? Really? What about fish oil? Do fats have an impact on allergies, the immune system or metabolic syndrome?

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We’ve known for some years now that saturated fats have gotten a bad rap and that trans fats are the real bad guys. But wait! What about those other bad fats that nobody’s talking about?

This information is a must if you want to make healthy choices in your diet.



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18:45:00 til 20:45:00


  • 6:45 pm - Register and settle in.
  • 7:00 pm sharp! - Door closes and talk begins. Please, don't be late!
We'll leave some time for Q & A and socialising after the talk.


Members: $ 5.00 (RSVPed and arriving before 7:00 pm) Non-members & latecomers: $20.00 (subject to available space)


Bringing a friend? Have them RSVP to be eligible for the $5.00 rate. If you are wait-listed you can still attend at the $5.00 rate, subject to available space in the room*. * There are usually a few who RSVP but don't show up. That said, If enough people are wait-listed we'll find a larger venue. IF YOU CAN'T COME: Space is limited. If you find you can't attend, please Click on RSVP change button and update your status to NOT ATTENDING. (This will make that seat available for others.)


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