Seminar: Is our health being hijacked?

    These are the infamous “risk factors” commonly known as syndrome-x or metabolic syndrome. They have a high correlation to heart attack, stroke and/or diabetes. Researchers have been working for decades to stem these illnesses, but health statistics tell us they’re on the wrong track. The last 40 years shows a steady decline in health. Moreover, the so-called “healthy” regimens are no insurance.

    Is it something missing from our diets? Is there something in our food supply that we need to avoid? Could there be a conspiracy? We are going to address these questions and challenge some of the longstanding assumptions about the food we eat and their connection to our catastrophically declining health.

    As is our custom, we are going to touch on the biochem and research findings for some answers that might surprise you. Is it possible that the solution is right under our noses?

    The good news is that correlation is not causation. That means that body fat is not the cause; dietary cholesterol is not the cause. If you deal with the underlying causes, the risk factors will all normalise and incidence of heart disease, stroke and diabetes will go down.

    This talk is a must if you want to cut through all the hype and get practical info that you can put into action in your own life.