Seminar: The Truth About Calories (updated!)

    A common misconception about calories is that “if you don’t burn them, you store them”. This is wrong in so many ways! Not getting the correct information means that you actually interfere with your weight-loss goals and, in some cases, even cause damage to your health.

    This is a completely updated version of our March 22 presentation.

    Come to this seminar and learn:

    • Which diets work, which ones don’t and which ones can cause harm.
    • How to effortlessly lose weight, with or without exercise.
    • Key changes to your diet that will show health benefits in as little as three days!
    • A better way of thinking about food, diet, and health in general.

    If your goal is to lose weight, then this knowledge will enable you to do so more easily and to keep it off permanently.


    A notebook and pen/pencil.