Canadians can expect to reach 82 years old, but there is mounting evidence that we’ve hit a plateau and may even be in decline. Stats Canada has even started tracking “quality of life”, recognising that more and more of us spending the final years of our lives with debilitating diseases.

Is there a “Fountain of Youth” or “Elixir of Life”?

According to the Hebrew scriptures, Methuselah lived to the ripe old age of 969. Even reaching 122 seems like a stretch but, hey, Jeanne Louise Calment did!

Our Palaeo ancestors only lived about 33 years, and in the early 18th century life expectancy was still only 35.

How long can humans realistically expect to live? Do we have medical science to thank, or are they missing the mark completely?

We’ll look at the world’s “blue zones” for clues to how those people live such active, disease-free and long lives. In the the usual Post-Modern Diet style, we’ll look at how the biochemistry informs our conclusions and underscores ways we can apply this knowledge to our own lives.

Maybe you’d don’t care about longevity or would rather not think that far in the future. But if your goal is just to not get sick, this knowledge is invaluable!

Come to this seminar and learn:

  • What the data really says about our declining health.
  • Key changes to your lifestyle and diet that will improve your health TODAY!
  • How to turn back the dial on age-related illnesses.
  • Key factors contributing to a healthy and active life now, and well past 100.
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